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Delcam CRISPIN: Complete CADCAM footwear solutions

Delcam CRISPIN provides complete CADCAM software for the full lifecycle of a footwear product. Our solutions save you time and money by providing the necessary tools to help you produce high quality footwear that is right first time.

Our packages provide powerful, yet easy-to-use footwear design and manufacturing solution that requires minimal training. Products include solutions for:

3D Shoe Design

  • LastMaker: Scanning lasts, or feet to produce custom-fitting shoes
  • ShoeMaker: 3D Concept Design and Visualisation CAD Software
  • ShoeMaker and SoleEngineer: Concept footwear design and modelling, sole unit engineering, grading and machining

Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Engineer: A powerful yet easy-to-use 2D pattern engineering solution
  • SoleEngineer: Create complex sole units effortlessly with a unique combination of wireframe, surface, solid and triangle modelling techniques
  • ShoeStyle: An easy to use solution for drawing, sketching and editing 3D style lines
  • KnifeCut: A solution for leather nesting and synthetic material layouts to minimise time spent producing footwear samples
  • PatternCut: This software lets you nest the most complex cutting layouts efficiently
  • StitchTec: Design palette layouts and create stitch paths so you can fully utilise your auto-stitching machines

Costing and Documentation

  • ShoeCost: Our complete footwear costing packageprovides the tools you need to appropriately cost your design every time
  • TechPac: Provides technical detail about the upper, components, type of machine to use and operation sequence

Business Benefits

Our complete range of solutions will help you to:

  • Reduce time to market: Minimise the time spent designing and manufacturing to get new designs
  • Increase profitability: Assess pattern efficiency at all stages of design and manufacturing to achieve target costs
  • Maximise productivity: Instantly flatten your 3D design into an accurate 2D pattern
  • Customise for your business: We can tailor Delcam CRISPIN software to meet the needs of your business
  • Continuous development: Take advantage of regular updates, free tutorial videos and support

Delcam CRISPIN is a member of SATRA

We’re also a member of SATRA - the world’s leading research and technology centre of its kind and employs scientific, technical and support staff in the UK, US and China.

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Case Studies
Delcam’s Power Solution relieves pressure on ski boot mould maker

A combination of stylish designs and fast delivery is essential for success in the ski boot business. This brings added pressure onto the mouldmakers working in the industry such as FMW Stampi, operating in Cavaso del Tomba, in the Treviso area of Italy.

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León, Guanajuato, Mexico
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